Privacy policy

We are Tollbua AS (organization number 932 110 458).
Our website address is:

Tollbua is part of Mati.

When you interact with Tollbua online, you provide the website with access to information about you. The privacy statement explains what information we collect, how we do it, and what we may use the information for.

What are personal data?

Personal data is information that can be linked to you, such as name, phone number, and email. How you use a website can also be considered personal data. For example, what you have clicked on, newsletters you subscribe to, and whom you give “likes” to.

Tollbua does not use cookies.

In short, we do not collect any information via that can be traced back to you. We use Plausible Analytics, but all data from there is anonymized, and the solution does not use cookies.

Newsletters and events

You can opt to receive newsletters and invitations from us at Mati. In that case, we need to store contact information such as name, email, and company. The information is not shared with others, and you can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time.


If you have questions related to and privacy, please contact