About us

Nordic Gourmet Bistro

Tollbua is a gourmet bistro, alive with local ingredients and bursting with international flavours. The innovative kitchen has an honest focus on quality ingredients, backed up by one of the city’s best cellars. At Tollbua, you can look forward to wonderful combinations between food and wine. Join us for incredible meal experiences, delivered by passionate chefs, served with a smile and accompanied by the perfect drink in the glass.

We can accommodate groups of all sizes, whether you are 2, 20 or 120. Our premises can be adapted to most events – an excellent venue for both banquets and mingling. 

Tollbua is a full-service Food & Wine house where we serve the food we love.

The flagship of the Mati universe

Tollbua is our first opening and will forever be the flagship of Matigruppen.

Matigruppen AS is the new kid on the block in the Trondheim restaurant scene. With a big heart for people, professionalism and experiences, Mati will set the bar for the future of the restaurant industry.
Our ambitions are as high as there is room in our foodie hearts, and we cannot wait to welcome you on our journey.

General manager of Mati, Christopher Davidsen